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Recorded Webinar: Before The Letdown: Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex and the Breastfeeding Mother by Alia Macrina


Product Description

 *Approved for 1.5 L CERPs

Before The Letdown: Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex and the Breastfeeding Mother

 by Alia Macrina

This 60 minute presentation delivers the needed information to begin to understand D-MER. The information provided will explain and define what D-MER is and what it is not. It will distinguish how D-MER presents and it’s variances. Furthermore, the presentation will offer the current hypothesis about the possible mechanism of D-MER and suggested treatments through exploring what hinders and helps and mother’s experience. Lastly, information will be provided that describes how to recognize a mother with D-MER and the recommended clinical tools for supporting a mother with D-MER. There will be a Q&A in the last half-hour of the presentation.





This product is a recording of a webinar originally presented on:




12 PM, CT


Length: 1hr 30mins



Upon purchase you will receive a pdf containing a link you will use to join the live event. The event will be recorded and sent to all participants within 48 hours of the live event. 



At the end of the presentation, viewers will be able to:


  • Explain and define what D-MER is and what it is not. 


  • Distinguish how D-MER presents and it’s variances.


  • Hypothesize and illustrate about the possible cause and treatment of D-MER.


  • Describe how to best help a mother with D-MER.


  • Propose the future  understanding of D-MER and accept any questions.





    • Who I Am
    • My Dysphoric Milk Ejection Story
    • How Did D-MER Come To Be Known?
    • DeeMer or D-MER?


    • Defining D-MER
      • Definition
      • What is dysphoria?
      • Clarification of D-MER
      • Presentation of D-MER
      • No Physical Symptoms With D-MER
      • What D-MER is Not
      • Why Have You Not Heard About It?


    • Spectrum and Intensity
      • Difference of Spectrum and Intensity
      • Understanding the Spectrums
      • Understanding Intensity
      • Emotion Concepts
      • Self Directed Emotions
      • Thoughts and Feelings of D-MER


    • Mechanism of D-MER
      • The Hormones of Lactation
      • More to learn
      • Dopamine in Lactation
      • The Hormones of Lactation in a woman with D-MER
      • Hinders and Helps
      • Body Budget and Self Care


    • Helping Mothers with D-MER
      • Why Mothers Misinterpret It
      • Weaning Thresholds
      • Identifying Mothers with D-MER
      • The Language They Use
      • Clinical Tools for Approaching D-MER
      • How to Support Mothers with D-MER
      • Is it Normal or is it a Condition?




headshotsquare.jpgAlia Macrina Heise has worked in the field of lactation since 2004. She is considered the international authority on the topic of dysphoric milk ejection reflex (D-MER). She has been the forerunner in identifying, naming and investigating the anomaly of dysphoria with milk ejection reflex since 2007.






Questions or concerns: ken@praeclaruspress.com



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