Live Webinar, More Harm than Good?: Examining Frenotomy/Frenectomy Aftercare by Alison Hazelbaker

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Live Webinar

February 21st 2023, 1 PM CT

90 mins


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This presentation addresses the perplexing issue of post frenotomy/frenectomy aftercare. Dr. Hazelbaker discusses first and second intention wounds, phases of wound healing, and disruptors to optimal wound healing. She addresses myths associated with aftercare, and the harm of aggressive practices. She then wraps up the presentation by proposing a gentle, more natural evidence-based approach to post-revision aftercare.





The participant will be able to:


1. Describe the phases of wound healing.


2. Discuss the potential harm of aggressive aftercare practices.


3. Define dehiscence.


4. Discuss the proposed gentle aftercare regimen.




I. Anatomy of the lingual frenulum

a. Under the mucosa

b. Axial fascia

c. Subject to rules of fascial wound healing

II. Wound types

a. First intention

b. Second intention

c. Characteristics of each type and healing challenges of each

III. Wound healing

a. The four phases

b. Disruptors to the process

c. A special word about dehiscence

IV. Aggressive practices

a. Defined and described

b. Inconsistencies from practitioner to practitioner

c. Anecdotal harms (that’s just the point, this hasn’t been studied formally to determine pros and cons!)

V. Proposed alternative aftercare regimen

a. Maybe a deep frenectomy isn’t necessary (there’s no posterior tie behind the anterior tie)

b. A word about destabilization and regulation

c. Just feed the baby

d. The role of bodywork




(No reviews yet) Write a Review