Recorded Webinar: Holistic Management of Breast Pain During Breastfeeding by Carmela Baeza

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This recording is approved for 1.5 L-CERPs
Approval number: C1991243
Live Event
Holistic management of breast pain during breastfeeding
by Carmela Baeza
This is a recording on a live event originally broadcast on:
August 28th, 12 PM CT
Breast pain during lactation is a cause of suffering and a common reason for weaning, and it sometimes does not respond to our management strategies. In this webinar, Dr. Baeza will discuss the many possible causes for both acute and chronic breast and nipple pain. In addition, she will review the latest protocols for pain management, discuss clinical symptoms, microbiological findings and therapeutic approaches, as well as describe emerging therapies and the evidence behind them.  

picture1.jpgMy name is Carmela Baeza – but everyone calls me Kika. I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1971. 

I am a medical doctor, specialized in family medicine and in sexual therapy. I have a Bachelor´s degree in Public Health Education. I became an IBCLC in 2005 and was a member of ILCA a year before that. I am a BFHI Evaluator since 2006. I work in a private Family Wellness Clinic, Raices, where I am in charge of the lactation program. I also teach Natural Family Planning (Symptothermal Method and LAM). I am one of the founders of the Spanish Lactation Consultant Association (AECCLM).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review