Recorded Webinar-Seven Strategies for Infant Sucking Issues When Bodywork is Not Readily Available by Alison Hazelbaker 2022

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Seven Strategies for Infant Sucking Issues When Bodywork is Not Readily Available by Alison Hazelbaker


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Approved for 1.5 L-CERPs. Approval number: C2022134


This event was broadcast live on:

July 26th, 1 PM EST


Length: 1 hr 15 mins


In this groundbreaking presentation, Dr. Hazelbaker presents seven very effective strategies for resolving infant sucking issues easily learned and implemented by the lactation consultant without violating scope of practice. Many sucking problems respond very well to bodywork. There is significant anecdotal and research evidence to prove this case. But bodywork is not always readily available or financially accessible. In the absence of readily available bodywork, the lactation consult can effectively address sucking issues using one, some or all of the seven (plus one bonus) strategies presented.


The participant will be able to:

1. Discuss the important role of bodywork in addressing infant sucking issues.

2. Discuss seven strategies for resolving infant sucking issues.

3. Describe the proper use of the breast crawl as a therapeutic strategy.

4. Describe two external oral strategies for improving suction in the oral area.

5. Describe three strategies for improving posturally-related infant sucking issues.



I. Bodywork and infant sucking

                  A. Bodywork defined

                  B. The role of bodywork in addressing infant sucking issues


II. The role of the Velo-Pharyngeal-Facial (V-P-F Loops) in suck-swallow-breathe coordination

                  A. The Long Loop

                  B. The Vertical Loop

                  C. The Middle Loops

                  D. The Short Loop

                  E. Biodynamics of infant suck

                  F. Strategies for working with the loops

                                    1. Filtrum press© (1)

                                    2. Nasal convergence© (2)

                                    3. The “Spot” (3)

III. Posture and infant suck

                  A. What holds the head on the neck?

                                    1. Longissimus muscles

                                    2. Longus muscles

                                    3. Bucco-pharyngeal fascia

                                    4. Medial Pharyngeal constrictors

                  B. The Deep Front Line

                                    1. Foot embrace (k1, GB 41, ST 43, heel) (4)

                  C. Tongue posture

                                    1. Attachments to the cranium

                                    2. The ansa cervicalis and the hypoglossal nerve


3. Structural issues that impact tongue posture and how

                  D. Role of the Back to Sleep Campaign and swaddling

                                    1. Strategies for addressing the issues

                  E. Extensor pattern

                                    1. Thoracic tilt down (5)

                                    2. Thoracic spread (5)

                  F. Flexor pattern

                                    1. Tummy time on the ball (6)

IV. Movement and oxytocin

                  A. Oxytocin as the enemy of cortisol

                  B. The therapeutic role of skin to skin contact

                  C. Using the reflexive action of the breast crawl (7)

                                    1. Infant reflex activation and birth

                                    2. Dampening of the reflexes: what creates the problems?

                                    3. Re-activation via the breast crawl

V. And the bonus strategy… Finger feeding (bonus)

                  A. The role of finger feeding

                  B. Proper use





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