Recorded webinar: Supporting Relactation in the Family Context

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*This is a recording of a live event. We have applied for CERPs


This event went live:

 December 17th 2020, 1 PM CT 

 Length: 1.5 hours


Supporting Relactation in the Family Context

 Presented by Lucy Ruddle


In this presentation you will learn about supporting parents with the relactation process in a truly holistic way. Pumping regimes and medications can only carry a Mother so far – what is often harder to achieve is a rebuilding of the confidence and self-efficacy lost when breastfeeding failed the first time. We will explore how to offer families the absolute best in compassionate care as they navigate rebuilding milk supply.




Describe the practical steps required for rebuilding a milk supply.


(A)  Breast stimulation, Latch attempts, herbs and drugs.


Understand the emotional impact of relactation for the parent.


(B)  Parents often feel shame, guilt and failure around ending breastfeeding. When they come to relactation they are often still holding those feelings. Successful relactation can be deeply healing, but “failing” can make feelings of shame etc worse.


Describe the challenges relactation can bring up, and understand how to reduce these.


(C)  Lack of family understanding or support, pressures of running a home, caring for baby or other children, feeling tied to a pump, anxiety about how fast or slow the process is going, lack of progress despite hard work.



Lucy Ruddle IBCLC qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2018 after 4 years of voluntary breastfeeding support. Having gone through the relactation process herself, she set up what is now the “go to” UK based Facebook group for parents wanting to re-establish breastfeeding. Lucy then went on to write her first book Relactation: A Guide to Rebuilding Your Milk Supply off the back of her experiences both as a mother and a supporter.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review