Art Services

10-22-20-2.jpgNeed art for your presentations, social media, websites, or walls? Praeclarus Press provides the best illustrations portraying pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and more. Our artist, Ken Tackett is available to discuss your art needs. Our services are summarized below and everything can be discussed to come up with a plan that works for you. Contact to discuss art commissions.


Art can be commissioned on an individual basis. The price ranges from $10-$150. The factors involved in determining the price include: the amount of creative control and edits requested by the client. The artist and the client will agree upon the amount of revisions allowed. $150 per illustration results in unlimited edits for the client.


Art can be commissioned in bulk. For this, the client will agree to a number of art pieces for a onetime payment and provide some art direction such as “happy mothers, warm colors” and the artist will provide weekly deliveries of art made with those guidelines. The client reserves the right to veto any art pieces against the quota that do not meet expectations.


Along with art, design can also be commissioned. The client can commission a piece of art and then commission a poster being designed around it. The price of these jobs strictly depends on the project. Everything is customizable.


Use the contact form or email directly.