A Breastfeeding Owner's Manual, Second Edition by Nikki Lee

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"Reflecting her experience as a breastfeeding mother and consultant, Nikki Lee’s, A Breastfeeding Owner’s Manual, packs  an amazing amount of basic and useful information in less than 90 pages."

-Marian Tompson, C0-Founder, La Leche League International


"Clear, practical, and positive...Every new breastfeeding family should have access to this little guide book from wise woman Nikki Lee. Highly recommended!"

-Cindy Turner-Maffei, MA, ALC, IBCLC, Faculty Healthy Children Project, Inc., Center for Breastfeeding


Are you expecting a child and want to breastfeed? This book contains enough information to help most women get a good start and to keep going for a long time. A Breastfeeding Owner’s Manual is a quick and easy read that covers:

-How to start breastfeeding

-Breastfeeding after birth

-Breastfeeding in the hospital

-Breastfeeding and sleep

-Comfortable positions

-Common concerns

-Pumping your milk

-The first three months

-The first year of breastfeeding

-Additional resources

With this information you will have a great foundation for reaching your goals as a breastfeeding mother. Let this book be your gentle guide to breastfeeding well.


 Authors: Nikki Lee, RN, BSN, MS, IBCLC, CCE, CIMI, ANLC, CKC, RYT

Copyright: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-946665-34-8

Pages: 96





(No reviews yet) Write a Review