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This bundle is for the aspiring IBCLC. These for titles provide valuable insights for anyone considering taking the IBCLC exam. A $70.00 value available for only $49.00.


Breastfeeding Best Practices in Higher Education

A majority of women return to work or school after the birth of their children. The return can be a stressful event, especially if a mom is breastfeeding and needs to pump while away from her child. Many policies and programs have been put in place to support families as they transition back to work. Colleges and universities are no exception and many have family-friendly policies in place.

In Breastfeeding Best Practices in Higher Education, Michele Vancour, PhD, MPH, and Michele Griswold, MPH, RN, IBCLC, have pulled together information on the lactation policies and practices at several universities in the U.S. Their goal is to provide information to help others implement similar programs. National public policy initiatives, such as Healthy People 2020, the Affordable Care Act, The Business Case for Breastfeeding, and The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding have set objectives for all employers to meet. Employers know why it is necessary to set up lactation support programs, but they may not know how to do it. That’s where this book comes in. It tells how George Washington University, University of Rhode Island, University of California Davis, University of Arizona, Michigan State University, and Johns Hopkins University developed their lactation support programs and includes policies, lactation room guidelines, and tracking information. Each chapter is written by a person that was instrumental in setting up the programs at the various universities.

Although this book contains information directed to universities, it could be applied to any business or organization thinking of setting up a lactation program. Novel ideas, like having a vending machine to dispense pump parts in the lactation room, will work anywhere!


Authors: Michele L Vancour, Ph.D., MPH and Michel K Griswold, MPH, RN, IBCLC

ISBN: 978-1-9398474-3-0

Copyright: 2014

Total Pages: 200



Perspectives In Lactation - Is Private Practice For Me?


Are you an aspiring private practice lactation consultant or have you recently started a lactation consulting business? If so, this is the book for you! Author Kathy Parkes, MSN-ED, BSPsy, RN, IBCLC, RLC, FILCA, has successfully started and run two successful lactation consulting businesses. In this book, she shares her knowledge of everything you need to know to start a business. At the end of each chapter is a self-check. By the time you reach the end of the book, you've got enough information on the self-checks to write your business plan.


Authors: Kathy Parkes

ISBN: 978-1939807502

Copyright: 2014

Total Pages: 174



An Introduction to Biological Nurturing, New Angles on Breastfeeding


Most health professionals believe mothers need to be taught how to breastfeed. This book describes new research evidence suggesting that mothers and babies innately know how to breastfeed, and introduces a new approach called biological nurturing. Biological nurturing is a collective term for optimal breastfeeding states and positions whose interaction release spontaneous behaviors helping mothers and babies get started with feeding.

Biological nurturing is quick and easy to do. Most moms and babies automatically move into the correct positions if left on their own. The challenge for health professionals lies with understanding the releasing mechanisms and learning how to help mothers and babies do what comes naturally. This book restores confidence in nature's biological design and in mothers' innate capacity to breastfeed.

"Dr. Suzanne Colson is one of my heroes because her thoughtful and careful research and the conclusions she has drawn from this research have finally brought common sense into the discussion of breastfeeding." 

-Ina May Gaskin, CNM, Ph.D., Author, Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding

"Colson's mentor, French obstetrician Michel Odent, changed the way we think about birth. In this book Suzanne Colson does the same for breastfeeding. Get ready to rethink--like I did--many of your most basic breastfeeding assumptions and learn some revolutionary new ways to help mothers and babies. This book will change your life!"

-Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA, Author, Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple, co-author, Breastfeeding Made Simple


Author: Suzanne Colson

ISBN: 978-0-9845039-3-3

Copyright: 2010

Total Pages: 136



Clinical Instruction in Lactation: Teaching the Next Generation


The growth of the lactation consultant profession has paralleled that of other allied health professions. Because the profession is relatively new, the preparation of lactation consultants is still very much a work in progress. The authors, all experienced lactation consultants who have educated lactation consultants for a number of years, joined forces to create Clinical Instruction in Lactation: Teaching the Next Generation. The primary goal of this book is to assist clinical instructors in developing internships that will prepare individuals for this profession and help them grow into competent and compassionate lactation consultants. Lactation consultant interns will also find the book useful in evaluating internship programs and learning what to expect in their clinical preparation for the profession.

A structured internship takes an intern beyond the minimal competency tested on the certification exam to produce a professional lactation consultant who can apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to help mothers and babies. This text is designed to assist experienced lactation consultants in developing a structured internship program that prepares interns to practice as safe and competent lactation consultants and prepares them to become board certified. In addition to providing information on developing an internship program in a variety of settings, the authors have described qualities needed in successful lactation consultant interns and clinical instructors. An extensive appendix provides samples of documents the reader can use in their programs.


Author: International Lactation Consultant Association

Copyright: 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9847746-6-1

Total Pages: 206






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