Free interview with Jacqueline Kelleher on birth and postpartum during COVID-19

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Jacqueline Kelleher, author of Nurturing the Family: A Doula's Guide to Supporting New Families joins us to discuss birth and postpartum during COVID-19. 


Jacquline Kelleher started working as a doula in 1993, while living in Japan. 

She came back to the States, became DONA certified as a birth doula and hit the ground running. After a few years, she had a thriving doula practice, attending about 4 births per month, as well as providing postpartum services. Soon she had too much work, and founded a doula co-op, Delaware Valley Birthing partners. She managed an average of 8 doulas supporting dozens of clients at any given time. 

She became a DONA birth doula trainer in 1998 and has been consistently training doulas ever since. In 2002 she became DONA's Director of Postpartum Services and a cofounder of the postpartum certification program. 

In 2007 she founded BirthMark, a local natural parenting resource center and store in her home town. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review