Keep Mothers and Babies Together

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Keep Mothers and Babies Together is the biography of Dr. John Kennell, a pediatrician and neonataligist, who with his long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Marshall Klaus, changed the way mothers and babies were treated in the hospital. Dr. Kennell and his colleagues were the first to allow mothers to stay with their hospitalized premature babies. Drs. Kennell and Klaus did the initial studies on mother-infant bonding, and their research launched the doula movement in the U.S. and around the world. Keep Mothers and Babies Together is a joyous celebration of a life that touched millions around the world, even if they never knew his name.


“John showed that despite his quiet, dignified exterior, he could be tough and prevail to bring about what amounted to revolutionary change for something he believed in. Something that would be of great benefit to children and their families and which, through research, he strived to prove.”
Jack Horowitz, MD


(No reviews yet) Write a Review