Mama Bare: The Grizzly Truths of Motherhood by Nicole Obenshine

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 21 Essential Truths of Motherhood.

Motherhood has the capacity for great highs and terrible lows. This book reflects on one mother’s experiences through conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum, which were all vastly different from each other. By courageously recounting the lowest points and joyfully sharing the highest peaks, along with everything in between, she validates and encourages others. Every journey of Motherhood looks different, but there is one commonality amongst all women; they all have the power and light within themselves to create life. This means you have the same power and light to create the life you desire, which includes your birth story, postpartum experience, and entire motherhood. Remember that.


img-2405.jpgNicole Obenshine is a mother of two boys, Dylan and Owyn and wife to her husband, John. She is now on a mission to help educate and empower women who are going through their own perinatal experiences. As a certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor she has done a lot of inner work since the birth of her first son in 2017. Now, she can give back to the maternal community and Mama Bare: The Grizzly Truths of Motherhood is just one way of doing so.



Author: Nicole Obenshine

Copyright: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-946665-49-2

Total Pages:86


(No reviews yet) Write a Review