Maternity Leave

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The first six weeks are a crucial time for mothers and their newborn babies.  Maternity Leave: A New Mother's Guide to the First Six Weeks Postpartum contains essential information for the new mother.  It is a comprehensive book on the postpartum period and addresses issues that may arise affecting mothers' and babies' physical and emotional well-being.  This book provides vital information for new mothers, their partners, and their families about what to expect in the first six weeks postpartum.

Such topics as:

-PostBaby Body
-PostBaby Brain
-PostBaby Cesarean
-PostBaby Breastfeeding and Breast Care:
-PostBaby Diet: Weight, Exercise, Digestion, Hair and Skin
will all be addressed, plus much more.

This is a book for and about the new mother!


Author: Cheryl R. Zauderer 

Copyright: 2016

ISBN: 978-1939807434

Total Pages: 210



(No reviews yet) Write a Review