Preparing to Breastfeed: A Pregnant Woman's Guide

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Are you pregnant? Are you wondering what you can do now to prepare for breastfeeding? Author Teresa Pitman has been working with pregnant and breastfeeding mothers for over 30 years as a La Leche League Leader, childbirth educator, and doula. She shares her wisdom with you and gives you concrete things you can do while pregnant to prepare for breastfeeding.

Preparing to Breastfeed: A Pregnant Woman's Guide covers the following:
The Truth About Breastfeeding
How Breastfeeding Works
The Personal History of Your Breasts
Birth Plans and Breastfeeding Plans
What Your Baby Knows About Breastfeeding
First Feedings
More Milk!
Life With a Breastfeeding Baby
Your Breastfeeding Goals

Each chapter ends with a section entitled "What You Can Do Now." These sections give you down-to-earth suggestions like writing down the people you think will be your breastfeeding cheerleaders, thinking about stories you have heard about breastfeeding problems and figuring out now what you can do to avoid these problems, and finding out what breastfeeding help is available in your community.

This very practical book is a must for every pregnant woman! It makes a great shower gift. It is also helpful reading for people supporting a new mother--fathers, grandmothers, friends, and healthcare providers.

Author: Teresa Pitman

ISBN:  978-1939807779

Copyright: 2013

Total Pages: 120



(No reviews yet) Write a Review