Pump or Bust: A New Mama’s Guide to Office Politics, Breast Health, and Pumping on the Road! by Karlee Vincent

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Expected release date is 1st Dec 2023

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 Praise for Pump or Bust


Pump or Bust offers a candid and captivating perspective on the journey of new motherhood. Karlee’s relatable experiences resonate deeply, reminding us that as new parents, we navigate not only the arrival of a precious baby but also a transformative evolution of ourselves.” —Stephanie Hack, MD, MPH, Ob/Gyn and Founder of Lady Parts Doctor

“This book is a great resource for any new parent navigating the workplace while nourishing their baby, a must-read for the breastfeeding parent and the community that needs to support them.” —Sascha Mayer, Cofounder and Chief Experience Officer, Mamava

Congratulations mama, you birthed a tiny human! Soon, if not already, you’ll become an expert on the basics of napping, spit up, and diaper rash. But new moms also need to learn how to return to work empowered. Employers, coworkers, friends—even family—aren’t always supportive when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping in the workplace. Pump or Bust offers wise and often humorous guidance to help you advocate for yourself at work and while traveling for work.

In Pump or Bust, you’ll find everything you need, including:

  • Conversation starters to ease your transition back into the office.
  • Strategies to gain support from coworkers, managers, and HR.
  • Game-changing self-care practices for nursing mothers.
  • Tips and tricks to pump like a boss at work and while traveling for work.
  • Essential checklists for moms, dads, caregivers, family members, and employers.
  • The spilled milk: Inspiring stories and advice from other mamas about their breastfeeding and traveling experiences.
  • Voices from leading industry experts addressing every stage of the back-to-work pumping journey.



Karlee Vincent is a parenting advocate who has lived through the trifecta: traveling, working, and pumping. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, their two school-aged daughters, and a fluffy fur baby. Karlee has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Ms., Tamron Hall, and Care.com. Her essays have appeared in Scary Mommy and Tiny Beans, and she blogs for the TODAY Parenting Team, the TODAY’s Show community for parents. Karlee is also a member of the California Breastfeeding Coalition Board of Directors.

Say hello at: KarleeVincent.com



Authors: Karlee Vincent

Copyright: 2024


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review