Selecting and Using Breastfeeding Tools

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Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work for various reasons. Our technological society has come up with a variety of tools for these situations. In Selecting and Using Breastfeeding Tools, lactation consultant Catherine Watson Genna shares her knowledge on which tools to use in various situations, critically reviewing the existing research on a tool category and providing clinical guidance for effective use of each. Each tool entry includes a picture, description, how to use, contact information, price, advantages, disadvantages, and suggested uses.

Areas covered by the book include the following:

  • sore nipple treatments
  • nipple everters
  • supplementers
  • cups and spoons
  • fingerfeeders

Mothers look to lactation consultants to provide unbiased, scientific information about breastfeeding products. When you can provide this information, family finances, the IBCLC profession, and breastfeeding outcomes all benefit.

Author: Catherine Watson Genna BS, IBCLC

ISBN: 978-0-9823379-1-2

Copyright: 2009

Total Pages: 208

This book is a “must have” for lactation consultants and clinicians who work with breastfeeding moms and babies, especially those who are new to the field and don’t yet have a “bag of tricks.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review