Spoiled Right: Delaying Screens and Giving Children What They Really Need by Meghan Owenz

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 From the Author of the Screen-Free Parenting blog


 “Spoiled Right allows you to cut through the noise so you can provide kids the childhoods they deserve. Get this book!”


                                                                                  —Richard Freed, psychologist and author of Wired Child


If kids are supposed to be spending less time on screens, what should they be doing instead? This book answers that question and gives parents and those who work with them a science-backed, developmentally-appropriate system for emphasizing alternative activities of childhood which can incidentally reduce screen time and minimize the negative effects. It’s the much needed “what to do” answer in response to the heavy-handed “what not to do” mandates about children’s screen time. Dr. Owenz suggests caregivers do not need another thing to avoid and instead should be focusing on what children need more of, like social time, play opportunities, outdoor experiences, chores, and a strong relationship with reading.


headshot-9.2017.jpgMeghan Owenz, PhD is an author, parent, counseling psychologist, and professor at Penn State University, Berks. She is the co-founder and writer of the popular parenting website, Screen-Free Parenting. She is a regular speaker on the topic of children’s screen time and uses her expertise to advocate for science-backed changes to policies and practices that affect children’s well-being. She also created the board game Starting Lines to fight creative decline and reward children’s out-of-the-box thinking. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children who are thriving with very limited screen time.  





Author: Meghan Owenz, PhD

Copyright: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-946665-50-8

Total Pages:288

Soft cover


(No reviews yet) Write a Review