Stress Less, Live Better: 5 Simple Steps to Ease Anxiety, Worry, and Self-Criticism

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Learn stress-reducing skills to cope better with daily anxiety, worry and self-criticism. In  this  book,  Dr. Sanford  describes 5 simple steps to make mindfulness practices part of your life. Based on her Stress Less, Live Better Program developed for moms and busy people, these skill sets are practical and simplified to fit in your life. Complete with exercises and opportunities for reflection, this book will guide you on your journey to stress less and live better.



"Mindfulness techniques are very often dismissed as irrelevant practice. However, Dr. Sanford provides her readers with many references proving mindfulness to be an evidence-based practice. The feeling of overall calm throughout the book, left me feeling relaxed and less stressed – a testament to testing out her steps to decrease worry, anxiety, and self-criticism. “   
                                                                                                                                                              —Stephanie Carroll BS, IBCLC, CLS, CLC




 "Working with Diane and practicing mindfulness has changed my life in so many positive ways. It sounds so simple & easy but it isn’t. It takes understanding, belief and dedication for it to work.Practicing mindfulness has helped me have less anxiety and worry less and enabled me to enjoy life more."

                                 —Lynn Campbell


"I first came to see Dr. Sanford intending to tackle my all issues, battle all my demons – to fix all my problems. When she suggested I spend some time each day NOT wrestling with my problems, well … I was skeptical. However, with her guidance I learned a new approach. Now when a situation arises that feels like a crisis, I can put it aside, focus on better thoughts, wait for a resolution, and later if the problem is still there – and so often it is not – I can deal with it calmly. This new attitude has quite simply changed my life."


—Ellen Schmidt



Dr. Diane Sanford is a psychologist, author, educator and mom. An expert in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, she learned the importance of self-care in maintaining health and well-being while treating pregnant and postpartum moms, but kept searching for more effective ways to reduce anxiety, worry and self-criticism. For the past decade, she has focused on mindfulness-based solutions to remedy stress and negative thinking. Based on her experiences with hundreds of clients, training from different mindfulness and mind-body health teachers and her own life’s journey, this book offers professional guidance and personal insights that will teach you how to stress less and enjoy life more. 



Author: Dr. Diane Sanford

Copyright: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-946665-08-9

Total Pages: 130

Soft Cover




(No reviews yet) Write a Review