Understanding Breastfeeding and How to Succeed

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Understanding Breastfeeding is a highly readable and encouraging introduction to the topic. It is filled with practical advice. You will find solutions to problems large and small, as well as topics ranging from sore nipples to the feeding of a premature baby. The book also provides a fascinating insight into the checkered history of breastfeeding from ancient times to the present. Why was it that in the past healthy well-to-do women so often entrusted their precious infants to the care of professional wet nurses? What led generations of physicians to draw up rules that made it impossible for many mothers to breastfeed? And how and why did science and common sense triumph in the end?

Understanding Breastfeeding was written by two well-known Scandinavian authors and breastfeeding activists, Dr. Elisabet Helsing and Anna-Pia Häggkvist, IBCLC and nurse. Dr. Helsing is believed to be the person most responsible for making Norway the most baby- and mother-friendly country on earth. Originally written in Norwegian, this book has been updated and translated into English.

Divided into three parts, the book covers:

  • Preparing for breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding in practice
  • Glimpses into the history of breastfeeding

Based on scientific knowledge and years of practical experience in helping mothers breastfeed successfully, this book will give you new ideas and ways to manage and promote breastfeeding.

Authors: Elisabet Helsing and Anna-Pia Häggkvist

ISBN: 978-0-984776-0-9

Copyright: 2012

Total Pages: 448



(No reviews yet) Write a Review