What You Should Know about Cry it Out

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The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep is a compilation of recent articles that address these important questions. Our goal was to bring together recent evidence about the safety of sleep practices so that parents and professionals can make informed, evidence-based decisions. The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep is a collaborative project by an international working group of experts on mother-baby sleep.

• Sleep-Training and Cry-It-Out Techniques
• Do they impact infant health and development?
• What should parents know?
• Parental Decisions about Infant Sleep
• What is normal infant sleep?
• How can parents calm a crying baby?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Why Cry-It-Out and Sleep-Training Techniques Are Bad for Babes 5
Chapter 2
Dangers of “Crying It Out”: Damaging Children and Their
Relationships for the Long-term 11
Chapter 3
Why Not “Crying It Out” (Part 1)
The Science that Tells Us that Responsiveness Is Key 21
Chapter 4
Why Not “Crying It Out” (Part 2)
Can Certain Infant Care Practices Cause Excessive Stress? 37
Chapter 5
The Ethics of Early Life Care: the Harms of Sleep Training 49

Authors: Wendy Middlemiss, Ph.D., Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA

ISBN: 978-1-939807-59-5


64 Pages

Soft Cover


(No reviews yet) Write a Review