Your Babies Sleep in the First Year

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The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep is a compilation of recent articles that address these important questions. Our goal was to bring together recent evidence about the safety of sleep practices so that parents and professionals can make informed, evidence-based decisions. The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep is a collaborative project by an international working group of experts on mother-baby sleep.

• Bedsharing
• How can parents make it safe?
• Does it increase the risk of SIDS?
• What is its impact on breastfeeding?
• Parental Decisions about Infant Sleep
• What is normal infant sleep?
• How can parents calm a crying baby?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Is Your Baby’s Sleep a Problem? Or Is It Just Normal? 5
Chapter 2
Simple Ways to Calm a Crying Baby and Have a More Peaceful Night’s Sleep 29
Chapter 3
Bringing the Parent Back into Decisions about Nighttime Care 45
Chapter 4
We Go Together Like … Breastfeeding and Cosleeping 67
Chapter 5
Who Sleeps with Their Baby and Why? 85

Authors: Wendy Middlemiss, Ph.D., Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA

ISBN: 978-1-939807-58-8


114 Pages

Soft Cover


(No reviews yet) Write a Review