Clinical Lactation Monograph: Intrapartum Care

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Intrapartum Care is collection of articles that provides the latest insights from thought leaders on topics such as:

• How Biological Nurturing (BN) helps promote infants’ primitive neonatal reflexes (PNR) and improves latch and milk flow.
• How infants use their hands to locate and shape nipples for a better latch.
• Why just one bottle can have an adverse effect on the newborn gut microbiome, which predisposes infants to infection and illness.
• 10 steps to help intrapartum nurses help mothers meet their
breastfeeding goals.
• The effects of maternal IV fluid on early infant weight loss.
• Overcoming feeding challenges for late preterm infants.
• The relationship between decreased breastfeeding and the
immune-related diseases that plague post-industrial societies.
• The relationship between Sudden Unexplained Postnatal Collapse and
maternal positions while breastfeeding.

Author: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Scott Sherwood

ISBN#: 978-1939807366


Pages: 156


(No reviews yet) Write a Review