Clinical Lactation Monograph: Milk Supply

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Milk Supply is a collection of recent articles in one convenient volume. Health care providers will find the latest insights from thought leaders on the following issues related to milk supply.

• “The Magic Number” teaching concept to help mothers maintain their milk supplies while pumping
• Breast massage and compression to help mothers increase breast milk yields and overcome breastfeeding difficulties
• New, more-conservative guidelines on the use of galactogogues
• Fenugreek, milk volume, and prolactin levels in mothers of preterm infants
• The safety and efficacy of placenta consumption as a galactogogue
• Preparation, cleaning, and sterilization of breast pump parts
• Appropriate use of nipple shields to improve breastfeeding outcomes
• The importance of the mother-infant relationship in babies’ growth and development


Editor: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

ISBN: 9781939807342

Pages: 132



(No reviews yet) Write a Review