Clinics in Human Lactation: History and Assessment

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The two most important elements of providing professional breastfeeding support are taking a complete history and performing a detailed physical assessment. Yet, taking the time to take a history or observe a full feeding can sometimes seem too lengthy a process when understaffed or short on time. When these important items are not done, this can lead to increased problems for the feeding dyad, heavier financial burdens for both the family and the healthcare system, and emotional costs for mother and baby.

In this book lactation consultant Denise Altman discusses the information that should be obtained during the history. The text takes part of the patient interview and shows how this information offers triggers for close observation during the physical assessment that help the health provider identify breastfeeding problems. Examples, case studies, and sample forms are included to better explain the process.

This book covers the following:
• Cross-cultural communication
• Documentation and charting methods
• Types of interview questions
• Maternal and infant history
• Maternal and infant physical assessment
• Feeding assessment
• Unique situations that affect breastfeeding: piercings, abuse, NICU baby, multiples, and adoption
• Critical thinking skills


Author: Denise Altman, RN, IBCLC, LCCE

Copyright: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9815257-6-1 

Total Pages: 112


(No reviews yet) Write a Review