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Live Webinar:

Tongue-tie, Game-Changer Studies

Presented by Alison Hazelbaker

January 15th, 12 PM, CT


Dr. Hazelbaker presents on several change-maker studies regarding the subjects of tongue-tie and lip-tie. She includes previously unknown studies from 1971 to 1995 and combines their findings with more recent studies. Participants will be surprised, delighted and maybe even disgruntled about the conclusions made in these studies. All, however, change the way we think about these subjects!





1. The participant will be able to discuss a gamechanger study about the histology of the lingual frenum.

2. The participant will be able to describe the research showing that maxillary lip tie does not exist.

3. The participant will be able to discuss both the AHRQ and Cochrane studies that show only a slight benefit of frenotomy for breastfeeding issues.




1. Game-changers

                  a. Multiple studies that change the way we think about tongue and lip tie

                  b. It isn’t just about infant feeding, its about development

2. Histology

                  a. Lingual frenum

                  b. Two studies that corroborate one another

                  c. Myths stricken down by these studies

3. Wound healing

                  a. the three phases

                  b. Studies that show that wounds are best left alone

                  c. The implication relative to disturbing the fibrin clot post frenectomy

4. Oro-facial impact

                  a. Sleep apnea

                  b. Mid-face development

5. Impact of frenotomy on breastfeeding

                  a. Ultrasound studies

                  b. Before and after impact

                  c. Corroboration

6. Maxillary labial frenum

                  a. Two studies 23 years apart

                  b. Maxillary lip tie is not a thing in infancy

                  c. Trouble with the Kotlow classification schema

7. Does frenotomy actually have an impact on infant feeding or is it just placebo?

                  a. AHRQ study

                  b. Cochrane study




Dr. Hazelbaker continues to be ones of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of infant tongue-tie. Her seminal research on tongue-tie and its proper assessment continues to support and enhance clinical practice around the world. She wrote the best-selling book Tongue-tie: Morphogenesis, Impact, Assessment and Treatment in 2010. The second edition of her book comes out in 2019. She maintains a private lactation practice in Columbus, Ohio and is the proud mom to five fabulous breastfed children and nine grandchildren, most of whom were breastfed.




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