Surviving the Death of Your Ex

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How You Can Survive the Death of Your Ex

The death of an ex-husband or partner can lead to a plethora of mixed emotions: grief, sorrow, anger, confusion, and guilt. These feelings can be overwhelming, and you may have no one who understands what you’re going through. In Surviving the Death of Your Ex, co-editors, Robyn Hass and Robbie Davis-Floyd, share their stories of losing their ex-husbands and the range of emotions that they experienced. They also reached out and brought together stories of other women. Each story is unique, but all share similarities.

Surviving the Death of Your Ex will help you see that you are not alone, and also provides advice for getting through, with a list of helpful resources. May it serve you well!


“I wish I could have accessed something like this long before the death of my ex. I would’ve been more enlightened and had a tiny heads-up on the journey.”
—Melanie White

“After the murder of my ex-husband, I searched online for information on how to help myself and my daughter, but I didn’t find very much. This book will provide a valuable resource for those who have experienced the death of an ex-spouse. In the 21st century, blended families are common, and resources to help surviving ex-spouses and children are desperately needed.”
—Annette Birchard


(No reviews yet) Write a Review