Surviving the American Healthcare System

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In an age where healthcare providers must shrink the time alloted to each patient, being prepared and educated about your health is more important than ever. Surviving American Healthcare teaches you how to negotiate the often tricky U.S. health system, and advocate for yourself or someone you love. Valerie Conrad is an ICU nurse and former paramedic who has worked with thousands of patients. She believes that patient preparation and advocacy can mean the difference between good care and care that is sub-par. In short, what you will learn in this book could save your life or the life of someone you love.
We all become patients at one time or another: Parents provide guardianship and advocate their children’s best treatment. Adults often forget the value of having someone to help, whether it’s making sure details aren’t missed or standing up for decisions about the end of life. Each of us needs to know about our medical conditions, throughout the lifespan, and how these conditions affect our health. In an age where healthcare providers must shorten the allotted time spent with each patient, it’s imperative to be prepared and educated about our health, and our rights.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review